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2017 - since 2004 - over 10 years!

Now based in Eugene and Las Cruces!

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Just imagine your next party or event - your guests talking and laughing and feeling totally relaxed - the sounds of live steel drum music in the background. You might close your eyes and think you are in the Caribbean...

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    Could be casual...                                or very formal...                                  whatever fits your event

Island Accents can transform your event with Caribbean, light jazz, and pop music that is fun to listen to,
but not too loud.  Everyone can still enjoy their conversations, or wander over and watch up close.

also available without video: Song Samples
this is a link to AFM Local 689 Featured Members page with a short compilation of:
The Hammer / Dayo / Margaritaville / Market Jam / Girl from Ipanema

"The Hammer"

Sue H, Eugene - "Thanks so much for playing by our pool - our guests loved it - you make me look good"

I can provide live steel drum music most anywhere - in your backyard, your living room, your school's classroom, even on the beach or isolated picnic site.  Wherever you want to entertain guests, you can have "island" music!

Charlene F,  Eugene - "Your steel drum music was wonderful for my daughter's
graduation party - I'm sure I'll soon be hearing you at other local parties!"

Since 1980, I've been performing as a "classical" percussionist/timpanist with the Eugene Symphony,
Portland Opera, and other regional orchestras, and teaching private students in my home studio.

"I Can See Clearly Now"

Marilyn S,  Eugene Symphony Guild - "Once again you have really helped with our
fund raising for the Eugene Symphony
- Many thanks!"

At one point I also fell in love with the sound of the steel drum, or "pan" as it's called on it's home islands
of Trinidad and Tobago.  I was amazed at the exciting sounds of expert players performing
 "island" tunes, jazz, popular songs, and even classical music on their pans.   

June M, Creekside Village, Portland - "I know you just played here a few weeks ago, but can you possibly come back next month? It was so much fun!  My family will be visiting and I really want them to hear you."

  After much research, I ordered an excellent pan made by Guppy Brown - it took almost a year to arrive,
but he is one of the best pan builders in Trinidad...and it was worth the wait!  

"About The Drums"

Eugene Hotel 'Island Dinner' Guest - "I've lived in the islands but I've never heard 
steel drums sound this good - I loved your playing

Soon I began performing live on steel drums, sometimes with other local musicians, but mostly as a soloist with a Bose PA system playing the backgrounds (bass, drums, guitars, etc.) made with my Mac Powerbook G4.

Brian B, Music Director of all Bahama Breeze Restaurants -
"We would be proud to have you playing in any of our 35 locations."

My new interest in steel drums has became another way to share my love of music with many people here in
Oregon, as well as Arizona, California, and New Mexico who had never seen a steel drum up close - and it seems many of my new listeners also loved these sounds - as I have now played for hundreds of parties and events!


Shelter Products,  Portland - "You brought a wonderful ambiance to the room that had us groovin' all night!
Thank you also for talking with everyone who came by with are truly a professional!"

As my clients tell me what works best for them, my equipment has now evolved into two different setups.  With my large setup (still only 3' x 6') I perform live on 3 steel drums using a Yamaha 400 watt amp
that sounds great, even for large outdoor areas.

Martin M,  Rogue Valley Country Club - "You did a wonderful job for us at our Luau Party
and everyone very much enjoyed it - Thanks again!"

My smaller system is my Guppy pan with a Bose amp/speaker using a 12v rechargeable battery that can go anywhere.  It works very well indoors or outside for smaller events.  Since it is self-contained, I can play by store fronts or booths to attract attention, or even at the beach or picnic sites with no power available.   

"Under The Sea"

Heidi, Lane Arts Council - "It was so cool having you play steel drums for our
First Friday ArtWalk - We hope to have you back again!

Both setups create a full band sound at a very controlled volume level with a small setup space.  This allows me to perform live music for many events that would not otherwise be able to afford the cost and size of a full band. 

Paradise Media,  Eugene -"Your music was perfect for our open house...
just what we wanted for an island atmosphere."

Since August of 2006, when I bought a small motorhome, I've been taking all the equipment I need for both of my setups to each gig.  This means I can combine all the gear if needed, or use less for smaller venues - whatever you need, it is no problem to set it up on the spot!


Capt. Paul , Portland - "This was great - such 'happy' music - I hope to
have you playing on the Sternwheeler again soon

In addition to playing background music for many parties and business venues, I also enjoy performing "lecture-demonstrations" for schools and retirement communities.  It's fun to answer questions about the origins of the steel drums and their music and to let people see them up close!

Karen H, West Tualitin Valley Elementary - "Everyone is really enjoying this -
thanks for playing for our 5th graders

During the summer, I live in Eugene, Oregon, but often travel as far as Portland, Newport, Medford, or Bend to perform.  From October thru March you might find me playing in Southern California, Arizona, or my new "Southern Base" in Las Cruces, New Mexico!

"Yellow Bird"

Legends Condos,   Portland - "You were great! We want you back again - easy to listen to, but not too loud."

 Contact me  with any questions, or for more information.  You can email me at (the link above), or call my cell at:



Turella W, Portland - "Thank you so much for making my surprise birthday party the best!  
You are so very talented and we felt like we had invited a long-time friend to play."


Demo for Roosevelt Middle School:

RMS demo


Current Update - 2017:  On the way to New Mexico!

Besides playing Steel Drums, I'm also doing Aerial Photography with my DJI Mavic Pro

check it out at

I passed my FAA test and am now fully Certified!  All right!

I've just wrapped up my summer gigs in Oregon - now I'm looking forward to Winter in Las Cruces to play my steel drums for private parties, pool openings, Sunday Brunches, company picnics, golf tournaments, business events, weddings, and fund raisers.  If you are planning an event and would like an "Island" atmosphere, now is the time to reserve the live steel drum music!